Vectored art is the preferred means to provide your image to make conventional screens or dies for printing. Screenprinting, padprinting, embossing and etching usually require it. Vector art is resolution independent and ensures that we have the best quality art to print your spot color image. Adobe Illustrator's  ai, eps, or pdf files are most likely to contain vectored art. Pure vector art would have no placed images or editable text. All text should be outlined or converted to paths. 

Sublimation and four color process printing reproduce images that cannot always be created by vector art programs. Photographs and colorful drawings would be examples of images that cannot be converted to vector art. These images are scanned into a computer or photographed at a set resolution. To print properly that resolution must be 300 dpi at the final size at which it will be printed. JPG or TIFF files are the most common image files. CMYK should be used when preparing the color for these files.

Embroidery requires a Tape which is a computer file that provides the stitch instruction. DST files are our preference call if you need other formats evaluated.

The following file formats CANNOT be used as art - ppt (powerpoint), doc (Microsoft Word). They will require that art be created. It is important to note that these file formats do not preserve the integrity of the design. Image placement and font selection is likely to vary from computer to computer. Providing printed copies along with the computer file will allow us to make sure we can recreate it properly.

Compression programs such as Stuffit and WinZip can better ensure your files arrive complete and without corruption. Large files may need to be compressed to pass through email systems with limitations on file size.

To ensure that you are submitting the best art for the your order you can call our trained graphic artist who will work with you on art submission or can have art created for you.

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